2016/17 Bridal Collection

The first bridal collection introduced by Dr. Namal Balachandra is a union of harmony along with ideas of simple pattern work and modern design trends. The fabrics were selected through a rigorous selection to make a bride feel versatile and comfortable for long hours while being durable enough to give her the confidence to look great

An enchanting wedding dress with beautiful pattern work on both the front and back. Captivate an audience by dressing in this timeless dress. Made using some the finest Asian silks along with other materials such as polyester and cotton on the inners.

A full flow wedding dress, the Snow Queen dress is a captivating design marvel that will leave you feeling like a queen on a very special day. Dissolve into the finely worked on patterns on the front while awing at the beauty of this majestic dress

For a more chick feel, the NB stencil dress with beautiful floral patters will definitely make you feel both glamorous and youthful. Careful attention has been given to the detail and the flow of this by designer Dr. Namal Balachandra to give the wearer a modern and elegant look.

With beautiful sequin work on the body of the Lilly Wedding Dress, the focus goes to the front of the bride. The two straps give this dress a modest beauty while keeping the dress in place. Designed for both versatility and wearability, the NB Lilly Wedding Dress is bound to draw attention to the beautiful person you are.

The beautiful front of the dress with the floating torso section is a collection of fabrics interlaced together to create a marvellous art in the form of a dress. A highlight of the NB Bridal collection for the years 2016 and 2017, this dress captivates both the wearer and the audience around her.